How To Trek In Nepal Ethically

If you want to go on a trek adventure prepare your gear and visit Nepal. Oh! You don’t have trek gears, don’t worry there are plenty of shopping districts specifically for trekkers in Nepal.

Nepal is known for amazing trekking destinations and you will find most adventurous and daring trekking routes all over. You must have heard of Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Poon Hill Trek, these are the most popular destinations for someone who is seeking adventure and time with nature. There are plenty other old trekking routes most of them still waiting to be discovered, so grab your gears and start exploring.

Trek Ethically

Trek is spiritual journey that connects soul with nature. Few will disagree but the best and safest way of getting into mountains is to trek and slowly discover areas that has never been seen and capture them in memories.

Every trekkers must keep in mind that most place of Nepal is far from western influences and is very natural, making Nepal clean country full of natural beauty. So every trekkers / adventurers must ensure that their journey don’t come at the cost of environmental or cultural damage to the people and places we visit.

Things to consider before trek

Travelling is not easy task and if you are not careful it might come with huge budget that you did not expect and many other complications. So the first thing you can do before you start trek is to do research on environment to trek and most importantly choose a company that aligns with your values.

Every trekkers must keep in mind that most of companies are there to make money off adventurers and they provide very little to nature and local communities. Find the best company, know their history so you can promote and help grow the company that supports clean green environment and adventures. 

Trek Sustainably

Wherever you trek, trek sustainably. It is in our nature to exploit unnecessarily and make a mess of everything. It is our responsibility as human beings to keep our planet clean. We can do so by taking small steps.

  • Say no to plastic and always carry your trash with you and dump it in proper place.
  • Carry what you need. (Minimal trek equipment which you can reuse. Avoid one use items as best as you can )
  • Efficient Resource consumption.
  • Avoid Environmental Contaminations.
  • Stay at teahouse that use cleaner source of energy.

Respect Your Porters

The backbone of every trek industry are the porters who works in the shadow and help every trekkers reach their destination with ease. They are the superhuman of your journey, they carry your heavy loads, and they are the first to celebrate your success with you and cheer you up when you are down during your journey.

Even though they are the backbone of trekking industry they are very poorly looked and served.

Porters from poor family background and disadvantage communities are often looked down most of the times and are over exploited, over worked, underpaid and treated badly and even lack of medical care.

The trekking company you choose make sure they comply with the International Porters Association’s guidelines for porters and properly follow them. Make sure your porters are getting respect and proper working environment and equipment.

  • Appropriate clothing’s for trekking environment.
  • Medical care and life insurance.
  • Weight restriction following the guidelines.
  • Minimum age requirements.
  • Fair and stable basic pay with food and comfortable accommodations.

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